Only in His strength can we stand….

 I was thinking…..satan was convinced that the true reason for Job's sincerity and motivation for serving God was because God had blessed him so. Satan was also sure that if any of that were to change, Job would surely turn against God… (Job Chapter 1)….. But what did God think? I believe that God was... Continue Reading →

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Free for a break??

 I heard this recently from a very dear person in my life: “COFFEE BREAK WITH THE LORD”. I loved just the thought of what it could mean! What about a “PRAISE BREAK WITH THE LORD”? It just really excited me! I am sure we all enjoy having a cup of tea or coffee with a... Continue Reading →

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Count your blessings

Recently, someone asked me ‘why doesn’t God answer prayers?’ My heart went out to her because I am familiar with her difficult circumstances. I smiled to myself and said, how many times many of us ask this question, maybe in different words but we ask. I know I have! But as I pondered, I believe... Continue Reading →

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Creating is therapeutic

  It's a wonder how doing something I love could have such a positive effect! It's a gift from my Heavenly Father and though I use it to bless others, I have to say it blesses me even more! It brings me so much joy and satisfaction. Here I bought a picture frame but as... Continue Reading →

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“It’s not you, it’s me”

✞✞Christian under construction✞✞ ✞✞ MASTER-BUILDER: CHRIST JESUS

  Ever heard that line or used it before??….Well in this case, its the truth; IT WAS ME! LOL.

When it came to relationships, I was always quick to see what was wrong with the other person. Have you ever thought that way? I guess it’s just me. It’s not that I was refusing to take responsibility for my own faults and flaws. No, the problem is, I wasn’t even aware of them nor the detrimental effects they were having in my life and the lives of others.

For years, I did not have healthy relationships with others nor myself but I couldn’t figure out why.   When I had a heart to heart with God and He said to me that the PROBLEM WAS ME, I wasn’t totally shocked but very thankful that He enabled me to see what He meant. It was like the light of truth though always turned…

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I may not have said those actual words but it’s the attitude I had towards life for a very long time. See, just like everyone else, I have circumstances that I would rather be changed. But the approach I had towards them was life-stealing. Sometimes we think ‘IF ONLY’ this would happen, then I’d be... Continue Reading →

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Dreading something that WE HAVE to do is self-defeating. How many of us say 'I dread Mondays!'. Did that ever stop Monday from getting here? How about dreading to do taxes, grocery shopping, driving in traffic etc? Anything that we approach with dread would only making it more difficult and unpleasant to do. Our attitude could make it... Continue Reading →

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my thoughts on the matter -EVERYONE’S CHAINS….

ACTS 16:23-31 Usually when I recall this chapter of Acts, or hear anyone else talk about it, the emphasis is usually mainly on how Paul and Silas praised God while imprisoned and how their chains fell off. As I read this today, I saw “ALL THE DOORS WERE OPENED AND EVERYONE’S CHAINS WERE LOOSED”. It... Continue Reading →

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Slow to speak, Lord help me!

I was in the queue waiting to cash out at Walmart. I saw some items that were unattended and asked the lady in of front me if they were hers. She rudely answered and I felt like all my emotions raging at top speed so that I said in a similar response 'GEEZ, I WAS... Continue Reading →

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Spring ALWAYS follow winter…

I agree wholeheartedly that thinking positively and having a right perspective is much easier when things aren't difficult BUT I encourage each of us that no matter what storm we are facing, there is always some sunshine behind the cloud.  Winters of life are inevitable but remember spring must come! Today, ask the Lord to... Continue Reading →

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My thoughts on the matter: How God does it, isn’t for us to figure out.

 There was a time I would read my bible but didn't ponder long enough for God to lay things on my heart. But I was reading this scripture recently. It fascinated me as I paid attention to how God worked things out in this situation.. It's nothing new to most I am sure, but I... Continue Reading →

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How far I go is up to me

Life without any opposition is unrealistic but how we handle it can either make it better or worse. So today whatever you face remember 'A BAD ATTITUDE IS LIKE A FLAT TIRE, IF WE DON'T CHANGE IT, WE WOULD GO NO WHERE.Don't let the enemy mess with you day today...WE CAN in Jesus name!  

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“It’s not you, it’s me”

  Ever heard that line or used it before??....Well in this case, its the truth; IT WAS ME! LOL. When it came to relationships, I was always quick to see what was wrong with the other person. Have you ever thought that way? I guess it’s just me. It’s not that I was refusing to take responsibility... Continue Reading →

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It displeases God when we treat ourselves poorly so LOVE YOURSELF THIS WEEK

I grew up hearing the term 'talking to yourself' and in those days it meant you were going mentally insane lol. Well then so be it, in that case I am purpose to be more and more 'insane' than I've ever been. Ok ok, I am not insane BUT Please be kind to YOU this week,... Continue Reading →

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God offers each of us an opportunity for a great life. No, it doesn't mean a life without troubles, that would be unrealistic won't it? But if we purpose to maintain a right way of thinking, seeing through God's perspective, we can still enjoy peace in God while we trust Him to work things out... Continue Reading →

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Let us remember to pray for our Spiritual Leaders

Father grant that the men and women of God in the frontline of sharing the Gospel to the nations of the world, would with boldness speak Your word with evident signs and wonders through the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that our Spriitaul Leaders know the will of God and understand how to carry... Continue Reading →

Pray for those facing persecution

With every wave of persecution Lord, cause the Body of Christ to grow as the number of believers are multiplied greatly. Help our  brothers and sisters in Christ to depend on You Lord for strength and guidance. In so doing they are demonstrating their faith to others who are encouraged to press on in spite of opposition.... Continue Reading →

count the cost

The truth is, some of the things I may say no to might very well be things I’d like to say yes to BUT, when I compare it with the reward of my seeking God more than ever before, then my heart willingly lays down whatever  needs to be.

There is a cost.

There were times, too often, when though I spent time with God, I felt like  something was still lacking. I realized that I was longing for a more intimate walk with Him. But was I willing to do what it takes to get there? I know that it is God who causes our hearts to hunger {Philippians 2:13For God... Continue Reading →

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